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Program Options

All students will have an assigned counselor to help them navigate the various options and create the best schedule for them. Unlike traditional public schools, our counselors have a caseload of fewer than 100, which affords them the opportunity to really get to know each student and help them craft an individualized plan to best prepare them for their future goals.



Cohort Model

Ninth grade students will take online high school classes, all with an emphasis on college prep, and meet on Zoom every Wednesday for 90 minutes. This time is used for both live instruction and social activity.


Ninth grade students will earn 10-14 college credits by the end of their year through dual credit options (courses taught by our teachers for both high school and college credit).


Please visit the 9th Grade program page for details, schedules, and further information.

A Classroom Lecture


10th - 12th Grade

Once students turn 16 (or 15 for select community colleges), they can take classes at their local community college. We pay for students to take up to 12 college credits per term, earning both high school and college credit. We also provide students with a textbook stipend each term that they take college classes. Many students complete their associate's degree and their high school diploma at the same time. Our counselors will help your student select and register for classes, and individualize their plan specific to their future goals.

Working Outdoors


10th - 12th Grade

These college-level classes earn students college (and high school) credit, but don't require students to enroll and attend their local college. Instead, these are are taught in-house by Baker teachers and include only fellow Baker students. Classes meet weekly online and are hosted via Canvas.


You'll have support every step of the way — from applying and registering for the classes, to transferring the credit to your next college. Plus students, parents, and B.E.C. staff can all track student progress along the way, which promotes support and success.

Teengers with Laptop


10th - 12th Grade

At any point in their education at BEC, students will have the opportunity to take High School Options courses. These courses count for high school credit only and are offered in an online and asynchronous format. These courses are great for students who might not want to take a full load of classes at the community college, or who want to take a course that is not traditionally offered at the community college. These courses are also perfect for students who enroll with BEC between college terms.

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