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Outside the Classroom

High School Students


Mentorship Program

Baker Buddies is an optional student mentorship program, where we partner returning students with new students. Mentors are students who have been with BEC for at least one year, are in good academic standing, and who have volunteered to serve as mentors. We pair new 9th graders with current 10th grade students who completed our 9th grade program, and we partner new 10-12th grade students with mentor students who attend the same community college. These buddy relationships can be as minimal as having someone to text to ask their opinion on a professor, to as involved as a weekly meeting time. The program is meant to be helpful but not overbearing, so each student can tailor it to their needs.


OSAA Sports/Activities

As an associate member of the Oregon Sports and Activities Associate (OSAA), our students are eligible to participate in any OSAA sport/activity at their local high school. By law, these schools must allow our students participate and students will not be responsible for any associated cost outside of a regular "pay-to-play" fee that other students at that school would also be responsible for paying.

Basketball Match
Girls Dressed for School Dance


Monthly Social Opportunities

Each month we host regional social opportunities for students. These events are planned by our student leadership team and activities change month-to-month and vary by region. Recent socials have ranged from gingerbread house competitions to ice skating to bowling. Additionally, we have prom in the spring in Portland, Salem, Eugene and Bend. These events are open to all of our students and a high school-aged guest. The cost for students plus a guest is covered by BEC.

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