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Transitioning from BWA to 9th Grade BEC Program 

We regularly have a large contingent of our 9th Grade BEC students come from BWA; however there are some distinct differences that all prospective BWA students need to consider before making the leap! It is important to communicate these to preserve and prioritize a student's academic progression, confidence, and high-school/college transcripts. 

What are the key differences between BWA and the BEC 9th Program?

1) The existence of firm, weekly due dates and late penalties. Turning in all work at the end is not an effective strategy and will result in failed courses.

2) The difference in pacing between quarters and semesters, and the general amount of school work. We move into 11 week terms without the opportunity to 'catch-up', instead of the traditional 18 week semesters.

3) The independent nature of our college work and pre-college work. If a student is struggling they will to self-advocate and reach out for help; as we do not having regularly occurring advising meetings.

4) The barriers to re-entry of BWA if you decide to switch back mid-year. If  for some reason you want to return to BWA it is not a given that you can resume the identical setup due to1) The need for home district re-release), 2) Low likelihood of retaining your advisor, 3) Potential of getting denied re-entry if BWA is full.

What do you recommend I take to prepare for the BEC 9th Grade Program?

We highly recommend students entering into the BEC 9th grade cohort to:

  • Have at least grade level writing skills and pre-algebra level math placement.

  • Have diverse curriculum in their 8th grade year that necessitate higher level critical thinking and production of work (submitting written work); not solely quiz based (Acellus) courses.

  • The ability to complete the work scheduled for that week, within that week.

What do i need to do if to apply?

So excited to have you interested! If you would like to continue on and apply or get more information, start by talking to your AT, or reach out and contact us!

The application regularly opens in the winter and closes around May.

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